Why we are the difference

Importance of a healthy building

If your office or retail space has begun to feel like your second home, you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping your second home clean as well as your actual home. Even if it looks habitable at first glance, investing in a commercial cleaning service is always a great idea because it can help. Offices, schools and healthcare facilities are breeding grounds for bacteria. There have been many studies done that prove a cleaner workplace leads to happier, more productive workers. When you leave the cleaning duties to the professionals, ONE Janitorial cleaning you can rest assured knowing they are doing the best possible job.

Our healthy measures program

Microfiber Mops & Mop Systems for Superior Cleaning

We use Micro Mop Microfiber flat pad with dual compartment to keep the microfiber cleaned and fresh using cleaning solutions from the dirty water. This process reduces dirty surfaces and debris minimizing the bacteria levels by more than 96%

We use Microfiber Cleaning Cloth reduce surface debris while
lowering bacteria levels by over 96%. Mold, bacteria and soil are
removed and captured thanks to its unique construction
help avoid any cross contamination in your facility.


Our unique HEPA filter backpack ProTeam vacuums allows us to clean deeper and in places other vacuums miss, like under furniture, on stairs, and in corners and edges. It captures up to 99% of bacteria, pollen, allergens, pet dander, and other pollutants that can slip into your space and make life difficult for employees with allergies and asthma riggers and other harmful particles, living behind healthier and cleaner.